Independent Parlour Testing

Independant parlour testing service.

Elite Milking Systems provide an independent parlour testing service throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire. All independent parlour testing that is carried out by Elite Milking Systems is tested to BS ISO 6690.

Independant parlour testingThis means when you use Elite Milking systems, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your equipment has been tested and a certificate given to state that all tests have been carried out in accordance with current British Standards.

All new milking machines must be installed and tested to BS ISO 6690.

What does indepedent parlour testing involve?

Independant parlour testing serviceDairy farmers are skilled in livestock husbandry, but in some cases the knowledge and understanding of the function, maintenance and the effects on cow health and milk quality of the milking parlour are poorly-understood. Because of this, while annual or six-monthly tests by an independent, suitably-qualified technician may be carried out, some farmers may neglect the weekly checks and maintenance resulting in poorly-maintained dairy equipment.

Most milk buyers and farm assurance schemes are likely to stipulate a contractual minimum level of milking machine testing, but often this means an annual static test of the machine –  switched on and functioning but not actually milking – to ascertain correct vacuum levels, adequate vacuum reserve, correct pulsation and air leakage characteristics as well as a visual inspection of rubberware.

While this minimum level of testing does indeed test the most important aspects of the parlours function, a more thorough dynamic test covers several important aspects:

  • Effective milking machine function: measuring milking time per cow, observing teat condition after milking and looking for evidence of liner slippage problems.
  • Correct milk flow through the plant: ensuring milk is carried away and not allowed to remain in cluster unit clawpieces, ‘bathing’ teat ends in potentially contaminated milk.
  • Correct Automatic Cluster Remover settings: which may be identified as a reason why cows are overmilked and suffer teat damage, or undermilked leading to potential mastitis problems.
  • Cow flow and behaviour in the parlour: there may be spurious reasons why this is poor, such as small design problems or even stray electrical voltages.
  • Operator assessment: observing techniques and practices in the parlour, correcting those which may encourage pathogen spread or teat damage.
  • Correct plant cleaning function or technique: monitoring wash temperatures, flow rates, solution distribution and chemical concentrations, particularly in automatic systems.

Following the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for parlour maintenance and servicing is essential in avoiding problems and breakdowns.

Information provided by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

An independent parlour test will test for the following:

  • Performance testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Leak tests
  • Vacuum measurement
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Air
  • Flow measurement
  • Pulsating flow
  • Volume measurement
  • Controllers

Independent Parlour Testing Aftercare from Elite Milking Systems

With engineers based in Leek, Newcastle under Lyme & Stafford, Elite Milking Systems are ideally placed to service Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Cheshire for all of your independent parlour testing needs.

For more information on our Independent Parlour Testing service please call us on 01782 50 40 70

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We are able to carryout most jobs connected with the dairy industry, from minor breakdowns, through plumbing, servicing, certified maintenance, parlour testing to BS ISO 6690 and updates to existing parlour’s and systems. We can also supply and fit a range of New BouMatic parlour’s and an extensive range of secondhand and refurbished systems.

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